Sagarin Ratings by Jeff Sagarin
Alexandria (14-4) at Mississinewa (6-12)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Greg Warren, 22-20 in 2nd year at Alexandria. Kaley Barnes, 43-81 in 6th year at Mississinewa.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Alexandria, 61.6, 180th overall, 30th in Class 2A. Mississinewa, 49.26, 264th overall, 72nd in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Alexandria defeated Elwood, 57-49. Mississinewa lost to Northfield, 45-36.
VS. COMMON FOES: Alexandria 3-0, Mississinewa 2-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Alexandria 153-174, Mississinewa 155-170.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Alexandria, 10-5.
LAST MEETING: Alexandria, 55-52, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Alexandria, 49-39.
Columbus East (11-7) at New Albany (12-5)
GAME TIME: 1:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Danny Brown, 213-109 in 14th year at Columbus East, 271-137 in 18th year overall. Tammy Geron, 75-53 in 6th year at New Albany, 86-84 in 8th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: New Albany, 89.23, 20th overall, 16th in Class 4A. Columbus East, 80.86, 54th overall, 43rd in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Columbus East lost to Greensburg, 63-60. New Albany defeated Madison, 80-45.
VS. COMMON FOES: Columbus East 4-2, New Albany 4-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Columbus East 199-140, New Albany 192-111.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Columbus East, 9-6.
LAST MEETING: Columbus East, 47-44, Jan. 16, 2016.
PREDICTION: New Albany, 55-44.
Elkhart Memorial (11-7) at South Bend Adams (11-7)
GAME TIME: 7:45 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Steve Scott, 71-57 in 6th year at Elkhart Memorial, 172-140 in 14th year overall. Leon Scott Jr., 70-63 in 6th year at South Bend Adams.
SAGARIN RATINGS: South Bend Adams, 77.94, 66th overall, 48th in Class 4A. Elkhart Memorial, 70.48, 119th overall, 68th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Elkhart Memorial defeated Wawasee, 52-45. South Bend Adams defeated South Bend Washington, 73-56.
VS. COMMON FOES: Elkhart Memorial 4-4, South Bend Adams 5-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Elkhart Memorial 183-153, South Bend Adams 179-160.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Elkhart Memorial, 12-4.
LAST MEETING: South Bend Adams, 52-44, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: South Bend Adams, 54-44.
Evansville Memorial (10-7) at North Posey (7-11)
GAME TIME: 7:00 PM Central.
COACHES: Bruce Dockery, 463-188 in 29th year at Evansville Memorial. Larry Kahle, 22-21 in 2nd year at North Posey, 199-170 in 19th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Evansville Memorial, 77.86, 68th overall, 13th in Class 3A. North Posey, 52.2, 239th overall, 52nd in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Evansville Memorial defeated Evansville Reitz, 72-32. North Posey lost to Pike Central, 57-40.
VS. COMMON FOES: Evansville Memorial 5-4, North Posey 2-5.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Evansville Memorial 195-118, North Posey 129-118.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Evansville Memorial, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: Evansville Memorial, 50-33, Jan. 19, 2016.
PREDICTION: Evansville Memorial, 62-35.
Fort Wayne Northrop (11-5) at Huntington North (10-7)
GAME TIME: 7:45 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Rashida Ray, 11-5 in 1st year at Fort Wayne Northrop. Heidi Lawson, 35-27 in 3rd year at Huntington North.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Fort Wayne Northrop, 82.02, 49th overall, 40th in Class 4A. Huntington North, 74.97, 83rd overall, 57th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Fort Wayne Northrop defeated Fort Wayne North, 71-33. Huntington North lost to Columbia City, 58-42.
VS. COMMON FOES: Fort Wayne Northrop 5-3, Huntington North 4-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Fort Wayne Northrop 154-130, Huntington North 176-146.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Huntington North, 11-6.
LAST MEETING: Huntington North, 68-64, OT, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Fort Wayne Northrop, 57-49.
Fort Wayne Wayne (1-17) at DeKalb (8-10)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Kip Jones, 1-17 in 1st year at Fort Wayne Wayne. Brett Eltzroth, 27-37 in 3rd year at DeKalb.
SAGARIN RATINGS: DeKalb, 62.59, 170th overall, 80th in Class 4A. Fort Wayne Wayne, 39.93, 313th overall, 97th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Fort Wayne Wayne lost to Fort Wayne Dwenger, 54-28. DeKalb lost to East Noble, 44-30.
VS. COMMON FOES: Fort Wayne Wayne 0-7, DeKalb 4-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Fort Wayne Wayne 175-150, DeKalb 192-149.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Fort Wayne Wayne, 1-0.
LAST MEETING: Fort Wayne Wayne, 57-53, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: DeKalb, 60-36.
Gary West (14-5) at Gary Roosevelt (5-6)
GAME TIME: 7:00 PM Central.
COACHES: Rodney Fisher, 532-143 in 33rd year at Gary West, 651-200 in 40th year overall. Omar Vazquez, 19-29 in 3rd year at Gary Roosevelt, 43-53 in 6th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Gary West, 77.72, 69th overall, 50th in Class 4A. Gary Roosevelt, 22.67, 373rd overall, 97th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Gary West defeated South Bend St. Joseph, 59-50. Gary Roosevelt defeated Hammond Gavit, 52-48.
VS. COMMON FOES: Gary West 4-0, Gary Roosevelt 0-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Gary West 168-127, Gary Roosevelt 68-118.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Gary West, 15-0.
LAST MEETING: Gary West, 73-32, Dec. 4, 2015.
PREDICTION: Gary West, 91-28.
Hammond (6-9) at Bowman Academy (5-13)
GAME TIME: 7:00 PM Central.
COACHES: Eundee Kyles, 14-24 in 2nd year at Hammond. O'Keisha Howard, 5-13 in 1st year at Bowman Academy.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Bowman Academy, 42.76, 306th overall, 1st in Class A. Hammond, 34.79, 337th overall, 89th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Hammond lost to Hammond Morton, 66-60. Bowman Academy lost to North Newton, 63-53.
VS. COMMON FOES: Hammond 4-3, Bowman Academy 3-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Hammond 121-147, Bowman Academy 103-126.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Bowman Academy, 9-2.
LAST MEETING: Hammond, 57-39, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Bowman Academy, 57-48.
Hammond Morton (10-7) at East Chicago Central (14-5)
GAME TIME: 7:00 PM Central.
COACHES: Tamara Somerville, 42-24 in 3rd year at Hammond Morton. Eric Kundich, 111-89 in 9th year at East Chicago Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: East Chicago Central, 82.32, 48th overall, 39th in Class 4A. Hammond Morton, 54.03, 232nd overall, 88th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Hammond Morton defeated Hammond, 66-60. East Chicago Central lost to Homewood-Flossmoor (Ill.), 64-54.
VS. COMMON FOES: Hammond Morton 2-4, East Chicago Central 5-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Hammond Morton 137-172, East Chicago Central 186-140.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: East Chicago Central, 12-1.
LAST MEETING: East Chicago Central, 75-58, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: East Chicago Central, 73-41.
Hanover Central (8-11) at Beecher (Ill.)
GAME TIME: 8:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Luis Roldan, 8-11 in 1st year at Hanover Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Hanover Central, 48.51, 272nd overall, 76th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Hanover Central lost to East Chicago Central, 72-25.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Hanover Central 173-186, Beecher (Ill.) 0-0.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Beecher (Ill.), 3-1.
LAST MEETING: Hanover Central, 56-41, Jan. 20, 2016.
Heritage (6-12) at New Haven (3-16)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Melissa Connor, 12-29 in 2nd year at Heritage. Andy Ross, 3-16 in 1st year at New Haven, 123-222 in 16th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Heritage, 48.83, 271st overall, 75th in Class 3A. New Haven, 39.64, 314th overall, 84th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Heritage defeated Southern Wells, 41-27. New Haven lost to Leo, 60-36.
VS. COMMON FOES: Heritage 3-7, New Haven 2-9.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Heritage 142-191, New Haven 160-184.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Heritage, 10-5.
LAST MEETING: New Haven, 38-31, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Heritage, 47-39.
Indianapolis Attucks (10-4) at Indianapolis Scecina (8-11)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Reggen Melson, 10-4 in 1st year at Indianapolis Attucks. Jim McNulty, 8-11 in 1st year at Indianapolis Scecina.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Attucks, 66.8, 145th overall, 44th in Class 3A. Indianapolis Scecina, 31.7, 348th overall, 90th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Attucks lost to Indianapolis Cathedral, 50-48. Indianapolis Scecina lost to Covenant Christian, 74-31.
VS. COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Attucks 3-1, Indianapolis Scecina 2-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Attucks 113-123, Indianapolis Scecina 160-147.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Attucks, 4-2.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Attucks, 79-41, Jan. 9, 2017.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Attucks, 67-31.
Indianapolis Herron (3-12) at Indianapolis Marshall (0-10)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Cliff Kocian, 13-26 in 2nd year at Indianapolis Herron. Christina Cunningham, 0-32 in 2nd year at Indianapolis Marshall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Herron, 8.91, 394th overall, 98th in Class 3A. Indianapolis Marshall,-18.34, 407th overall, 101st in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Herron lost to Indianapolis Northwest, 44-29. Indianapolis Marshall lost to Indianapolis Broad Ripple, 58-6.
VS. COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Herron 1-7, Indianapolis Marshall 0-5.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Herron 122-125, Indianapolis Marshall 68-80.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Marshall, 5-3.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Herron, 49-18, Feb. 2, 2016, sectional.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Herron, 55-18.
Indianapolis Roncalli (13-8) at Indianapolis Chatard (14-6)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Stan Benge, 74-25 in 4th year at Indianapolis Roncalli, 593-151 in 30th year overall. Katie Fisher, 26-21 in 2nd year at Indianapolis Chatard, 47-44 in 4th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Roncalli, 83.57, 39th overall, 30th in Class 4A. Indianapolis Chatard, 71.94, 106th overall, 25th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Roncalli defeated Center Grove, 52-41. Indianapolis Chatard lost to Indianapolis Cathedral, 64-48.
VS. COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Roncalli 5-0, Indianapolis Chatard 4-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Roncalli 228-146, Indianapolis Chatard 148-192.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Roncalli, 13-8.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Roncalli, 61-38, Nov. 17, 2016.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Roncalli, 57-45.
Indianapolis Washington (0-12) at Indianapolis Northwest (4-10)
GAME TIME: 6:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: March Bustamante, 5-25 in 2nd year at Indianapolis Washington. Jesse Gant, 6-28 in 2nd year at Indianapolis Northwest, 25-82 in 6th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Northwest, 25.68, 368th overall, 94th in Class 3A. Indianapolis Washington,-.03, 402nd overall, 100th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Washington lost to Indianapolis Shortridge, 44-30. Indianapolis Northwest defeated Indianapolis Herron, 44-29.
VS. COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Washington 0-4, Indianapolis Northwest 1-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Washington 109-90, Indianapolis Northwest 112-118.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Northwest, 12-0.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Northwest, 69-31, Jan. 21, 2015.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Northwest, 58-27.
Lafayette Central Catholic (11-8) at Indianapolis Cathedral (12-7)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Craig DeVault, 96-35 in 5th year at Lafayette Central Catholic. Ed Freije, 65-48 in 5th year at Indianapolis Cathedral.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Cathedral, 79.58, 60th overall, 46th in Class 4A. Lafayette Central Catholic, 69.57, 126th overall, 15th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Lafayette Central Catholic lost to Clinton Prairie, 56-50. Indianapolis Cathedral lost to Heritage Christian, 69-37.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lafayette Central Catholic 203-150, Indianapolis Cathedral 182-163.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Cathedral, 8-1.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Cathedral, 66-55, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Cathedral, 55-44.
Monroe Central (16-2) at Wapahani (12-8)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Leigh Ann Barga, 33-9 in 2nd year at Monroe Central. Brad Cutter, 31-13 in 2nd year at Wapahani.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Monroe Central, 78.56, 63rd overall, 3rd in Class 2A. Wapahani, 62.99, 167th overall, 26th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Monroe Central defeated Blue River, 55-21. Wapahani defeated Delta, 49-44.
VS. COMMON FOES: Monroe Central 8-0, Wapahani 7-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Monroe Central 157-162, Wapahani 184-164.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Wapahani, 9-6.
LAST MEETING: Monroe Central, 42-41, OT, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Monroe Central, 50-36.
New Castle (10-9) at Westfield (6-12)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Corie West, 59-24 in 4th year at New Castle. Ginny Smith, 27-16 in 2nd year at Westfield.
SAGARIN RATINGS: New Castle, 80.77, 55th overall, 44th in Class 4A. Westfield, 73.75, 87th overall, 58th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: New Castle lost to Greenfield-Central, 42-41. Westfield lost to Hamilton Southeastern, 61-33.
VS. COMMON FOES: New Castle 0-4, Westfield 1-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: New Castle 188-167, Westfield 216-121.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 2-2.
LAST MEETING: New Castle, 36-27, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: New Castle, 49-44.
North Central (Farmersburg) (3-16) at Riverton Parke (17-3)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Joey Davidson, 15-28 in 2nd year at North Central (Farmersburg). Josh Douglass, 136-73 in 9th year at Riverton Parke.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Riverton Parke, 62.21, 175th overall, 11th in Class 1A. North Central (Farmersburg), 28.34, 356th overall, 73rd in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: North Central (Farmersburg) lost to South Putnam, 59-17. Riverton Parke defeated Attica, 43-39.
VS. COMMON FOES: North Central (Farmersburg) 1-7, Riverton Parke 7-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: North Central (Farmersburg) 148-204, Riverton Parke 169-205.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 7-7.
LAST MEETING: Riverton Parke, 62-50, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Riverton Parke, 62-25.
Park Tudor (6-11) at Indianapolis Ritter (11-8)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Tangi Jackson-Nibbs, 6-11 in 1st year at Park Tudor. Tom Downard, 82-32 in 5th year at Indianapolis Ritter.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Ritter, 70.1, 123rd overall, 33rd in Class 3A. Park Tudor, 37.74, 323rd overall, 80th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Park Tudor lost to Indianapolis Scecina, 52-42. Indianapolis Ritter lost to Indianapolis Tindley, 73-52.
VS. COMMON FOES: Park Tudor 1-5, Indianapolis Ritter 5-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Park Tudor 145-149, Indianapolis Ritter 202-147.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Park Tudor, 12-10.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Ritter, 60-20, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Ritter, 64-30.
Providence (14-5) at Rock Creek Academy (4-14)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Brad Burden, 111-93 in 9th year at Providence. Kevin White, 4-14 in 1st year at Rock Creek Academy.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Providence, 74.81, 84th overall, 6th in Class 2A. Rock Creek Academy, 26.91, 363rd overall, 77th in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Providence defeated Charlestown, 49-37. Rock Creek Academy lost to Lanesville, 61-43.
VS. COMMON FOES: Providence 8-0, Rock Creek Academy 1-6.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Providence 182-182, Rock Creek Academy 106-179.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Providence, 8-0.
LAST MEETING: Providence, 70-31, Jan. 21, 2016.
PREDICTION: Providence, 75-26.
Rochester (9-10) at Plymouth (11-7)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Tony Stesiak, 258-130 in 17th year at Rochester. Dave Duncan, 68-42 in 5th year at Plymouth.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Plymouth, 73.63, 88th overall, 59th in Class 4A. Rochester, 55.57, 220th overall, 46th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Rochester lost to Tippecanoe Valley, 47-24. Plymouth defeated Concord, 53-51.
VS. COMMON FOES: Rochester 1-5, Plymouth 2-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Rochester 167-177, Plymouth 164-171.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Plymouth, 2-1.
LAST MEETING: Rochester, 56-41, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Plymouth, 53-34.
Salem (12-8) at Mitchell (7-10)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Jerry Hickey, 44-46 in 4th year at Salem. Matt Sowders, 48-53 in 5th year at Mitchell, 97-128 in 11th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Salem, 68.37, 136th overall, 40th in Class 3A. Mitchell, 49.34, 261st overall, 58th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Salem lost to Scottsburg, 63-49. Mitchell lost to Eastern Greene, 60-59, overtime.
VS. COMMON FOES: Salem 3-3, Mitchell 1-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Salem 212-181, Mitchell 148-165.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Mitchell, 12-6.
LAST MEETING: Salem, 58-26, Jan. 7, 2016.
PREDICTION: Salem, 55-38.
South Bend Washington (4-13) at NorthWood (13-7)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Steve Reynolds, 34-30 in 3rd year at South Bend Washington. Adam Yoder, 46-25 in 3rd year at NorthWood.
SAGARIN RATINGS: NorthWood, 75.32, 82nd overall, 17th in Class 3A. South Bend Washington, 48.97, 268th overall, 73rd in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: South Bend Washington lost to South Bend Adams, 73-56. NorthWood lost to Northridge, 36-35.
VS. COMMON FOES: South Bend Washington 2-6, NorthWood 5-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Bend Washington 166-144, NorthWood 199-178.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: NorthWood, 3-1.
LAST MEETING: NorthWood, 55-54, OT, Jan. 19, 2016.
PREDICTION: NorthWood, 62-33.
Sullivan (8-11) at North Knox (15-3)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Julie Meeks, 169-150 in 14th year at Sullivan, 207-208 in 19th year overall. Steve Meurer, 137-81 in 9th year at North Knox, 281-177 in 21st year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: North Knox, 69.28, 130th overall, 16th in Class 2A. Sullivan, 51.07, 249th overall, 69th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Sullivan defeated West Vigo, 62-58, overtime. North Knox defeated Shoals, 77-29.
VS. COMMON FOES: Sullivan 3-4, North Knox 4-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Sullivan 178-168, North Knox 144-180.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: North Knox, 10-9.
LAST MEETING: North Knox, 57-27, Jan. 18, 2016.
PREDICTION: North Knox, 55-35.
Union (Modoc) (5-11) at Cowan (7-8)
GAME TIME: 6:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Andrew Moore, 44-21 in 3rd year at Union (Modoc), 45-59 in 5th year overall. John Skinner, 30-70 in 5th year at Cowan.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Cowan, 43.57, 303rd overall, 52nd in Class 1A. Union (Modoc), 32.19, 346th overall, 69th in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Union (Modoc) lost to Tri, 40-27. Cowan lost to Delta, 63-44.
VS. COMMON FOES: Union (Modoc) 3-5, Cowan 3-5.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Union (Modoc) 146-138, Cowan 123-143.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 8-8.
LAST MEETING: Union (Modoc), 72-46, Dec. 19, 2015.
PREDICTION: Cowan, 51-38.
Wabash (9-9) at Lewis Cass (6-13)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Matt Stone, 47-22 in 3rd year at Wabash. Mike Collins, 22-43 in 3rd year at Lewis Cass.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Wabash, 59.03, 197th overall, 35th in Class 2A. Lewis Cass, 42.43, 307th overall, 76th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Wabash defeated Manchester, 19-13. Lewis Cass defeated Western, 62-41.
VS. COMMON FOES: Wabash 3-2, Lewis Cass 1-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Wabash 162-170, Lewis Cass 169-177.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Wabash, 14-3.
LAST MEETING: Wabash, 38-30, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Wabash, 55-38.
Washington Catholic (1-14) at Dugger Union (9-2)
GAME TIME: 6:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Terry Fleckenstein, 4-31 in 2nd year at Washington Catholic. Anthony McKinney, 13-12 in 2nd year at Dugger Union.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Dugger Union, 30.42, 353rd overall, 2nd in Class A. Washington Catholic, 11.57, 391st overall, 91st in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Washington Catholic lost to Linton-Stockton, 60-15. Dugger Union defeated Turkey Run, 41-27.
VS. COMMON FOES: Washington Catholic 0-2, Dugger Union 1-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Washington Catholic 122-132, Dugger Union 32-103.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Washington Catholic, 1-0.
LAST MEETING: Washington Catholic, 29-27, Dec. 19, 2015.
PREDICTION: Dugger Union, 49-29.
Woodlan (9-10) at Fremont (7-12)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Gary Cobb, 43-44 in 4th year at Woodlan, 79-111 in 9th year overall. Neal Frantz, 130-116 in 11th year at Fremont, 161-144 in 14th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Woodlan, 57.45, 206th overall, 40th in Class 2A. Fremont, 45.3, 292nd overall, 67th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Woodlan lost to Jay County, 59-37. Fremont lost to Central Noble, 67-35.
VS. COMMON FOES: Woodlan 5-3, Fremont 3-6.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Woodlan 138-180, Fremont 152-142.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 1-1.
LAST MEETING: Woodlan, 51-45, Jan. 20, 2016.
PREDICTION: Woodlan, 47-36.