Theory: No matter what team would have had the trophy beginning with the 2000-01 season,
Ben Davis would have had it after the 2009-10 season. So the series begins there.
Only regular-season games involving two teams tracked on this site count.
2010-2011 SEASON
Nov. 13Ben Davis66Brownsburg40 
Nov. 16Ben Davis66Pike41 
Nov. 24Ben Davis55Perry Meridian32 
Nov. 26Ben Davis57Hobart32 
Dec. 2Ben Davis59Lawrence North47 
Dec. 7Ben Davis57Warren Central30 
Dec. 9Ben Davis72Decatur Central41 
Dec. 11Ben Davis48North Central (Indianapolis)35 
Dec. 11Ben Davis48Perry Meridian23 
Dec. 18Ben Davis76Terre Haute North37 
Dec. 21Ben Davis78Terre Haute South49 
Dec. 29Ben Davis78Bloomington South53 
Dec. 29Ben Davis55Plainfield36 
Jan. 6Ben Davis62Indianapolis Cathedral37 
Jan. 8Ben Davis64North Central (Indianapolis)48 
Jan. 13Ben Davis69Decatur Central52 
Jan. 14Ben Davis58Warren Central45 
Jan. 22Ben Davis52Center Grove29 
Jan. 25Ben Davis70Franklin Central34 
Jan. 28Ben Davis58Carmel45 
2011-2012 SEASON
Nov. 12Brownsburg46Ben Davis39 
Nov. 15Brownsburg58Covenant Christian32 
Nov. 18Brownsburg61Avon43 
Nov. 26Brownsburg45Lafayette Jeff26 
Nov. 30Hamilton Southeastern67Brownsburg47 
Dec. 3Hamilton Southeastern71Harrison (West Lafayette)30 
Dec. 6Hamilton Southeastern64Pendleton Heights33 
Dec. 9Hamilton Southeastern52Noblesville26 
Dec. 21Hamilton Southeastern68Fort Wayne Luers62 
Dec. 27Hamilton Southeastern63South Bend Washington59 
Dec. 27Hamilton Southeastern62Warsaw56 
Jan. 3Hamilton Southeastern63Warren Central51 
Jan. 7Hamilton Southeastern55McCutcheon51 
Jan. 14Hamilton Southeastern78Zionsville23 
Jan. 17Hamilton Southeastern67Lawrence North52 
Jan. 21Hamilton Southeastern67Lafayette Jeff32 
Jan. 24Hamilton Southeastern66Pike44 
Jan. 28Hamilton Southeastern80West Lafayette29 
Feb. 2Hamilton Southeastern51Avon35 
2012-2013 SEASON
Nov. 10Hamilton Southeastern65Lake Central39 
Nov. 10Hamilton Southeastern69Valparaiso31 
Nov. 16Hamilton Southeastern46Westfield40 
Nov. 21Hamilton Southeastern38Fishers37 
Nov. 24Hamilton Southeastern63Carmel55 
Nov. 28Hamilton Southeastern58Brownsburg43 
Dec. 1Hamilton Southeastern62Harrison (West Lafayette)21 
Dec. 4Hamilton Southeastern59Pendleton Heights53 
Dec. 7Hamilton Southeastern61Noblesville36 
Dec. 15Hamilton Southeastern44Penn43 
Dec. 21Hamilton Southeastern53Fort Wayne Luers45 
Dec. 28Columbus North53Hamilton Southeastern30 
Dec. 28Columbus North63Evansville Mater Dei55 
Jan. 5Columbus North59Perry Meridian32 
Jan. 8Columbus North64East Central42 
Jan. 10Columbus North67Southport56 
Jan. 15Columbus North63Franklin18 
Jan. 18Columbus North52Bloomington South32 
Jan. 22Columbus North59Whiteland44 
Jan. 26Columbus North59Bloomington North31 
Jan. 31Columbus North68Jennings County38 
2013-2014 SEASON
Nov. 15Columbus North57Martinsville35 
Nov. 22Columbus North52Franklin Central36 
Nov. 26Columbus North57Shelbyville27 
Nov. 30Lawrence North50Columbus North39 
Dec. 3Lawrence North92Carmel31 
Dec. 6Lawrence North75Ben Davis40 
Dec. 10Lawrence North67Park Tudor16 
Dec. 12Lawrence North80Ben Davis48 
Dec. 14Lawrence North88Perry Meridian51 
Dec. 14Lawrence North69Pike47 
Dec. 20Lawrence North80Warren Central28 
Dec. 27Lawrence North96Warren Central22 
Jan. 3Lawrence North78Indianapolis Roncalli50 
Jan. 10Lawrence North59Bedford North Lawrence49 
Jan. 11Pike53Lawrence North50 
Jan. 14Pike42Bloomington South38 
Jan. 18Ben Davis46Pike45 
Jan. 21North Central (Indianapolis)62Ben Davis56 
Jan. 25Lawrence North69North Central (Indianapolis)37 
Jan. 31Lawrence North78Center Grove63 
Feb. 6Lawrence North72Noblesville51 
2014-2015 SEASON
Nov. 19Lawrence North74Anderson44 
Nov. 22Lawrence North88Fort Wayne Concordia30 
Nov. 25Lawrence North86Indianapolis Tech57 
Nov. 29Lawrence North64Columbus North60 OT
Dec. 2Lawrence North56Carmel50 
Dec. 5Lawrence North87Ben Davis59 
Dec. 9Lawrence North81North Central (Indianapolis)49 
Dec. 11Lawrence North74Lawrence Central25 
Dec. 13Lawrence North54Pike42 
Dec. 13Lawrence North62Indianapolis Roncalli59 
Dec. 19Lawrence North69Warren Central34 
Dec. 27Lawrence North58Indianapolis Roncalli51 
Jan. 10Lawrence North48Pike46 
Jan. 15Lawrence North74Lawrence Central24 
Jan. 20Lawrence North59Hamilton Southeastern32 
Jan. 24Lawrence North63North Central (Indianapolis)40 
Jan. 27Lawrence North47Fishers43 
Jan. 30Lawrence North61Center Grove45 
Jan. 31Heritage Christian53Lawrence North51 
Feb. 3Heritage Christian66Noblesville52 
2015-2016 SEASON
Nov. 12Heritage Christian46New Castle42 
Nov. 14Lawrence North59Heritage Christian51 
Nov. 18Lawrence North65Anderson37 
Nov. 24Lawrence North72Indianapolis Tech56 
Nov. 28Columbus North46Lawrence North44 
Dec. 5Columbus North80Terre Haute South45 
Dec. 8Columbus North81Greenwood62 
Dec. 10Columbus North46East Central44 
Dec. 15Columbus North55Seymour53 
Dec. 17Columbus North63Columbus East21 
Dec. 19Columbus North64Terre Haute North33 
Dec. 29Columbus North71Elkhart Central33 
Dec. 30Columbus North57Jeffersonville39 
Dec. 30Columbus North67Penn52 
Jan. 2Columbus North72Perry Meridian45 
Jan. 5Columbus North83Jennings County51 
Jan. 7Columbus North72Southport37 
Jan. 12Columbus North74Franklin58 
Jan. 16Columbus North61Bloomington South48 
Jan. 19Heritage Christian61Columbus North57 
Jan. 21Noblesville57Heritage Christian52 
Jan. 23Noblesville66Martinsville51 
Jan. 27Noblesville73Pendleton Heights64 
2016-2017 SEASON
Nov. 3Lawrence North69Noblesville58 
Nov. 12Heritage Christian53Lawrence North52 
Nov. 15Heritage Christian58Columbus East47 
Nov. 19Heritage Christian49Guerin Catholic12 
Nov. 26Heritage Christian57East Chicago Central45 
Dec. 1Heritage Christian38Indianapolis Roncalli30 
Dec. 3Heritage Christian50Fort Wayne Concordia39 
Dec. 8Heritage Christian47Seymour39 
Dec. 10Heritage Christian56Fort Wayne South44 
Dec. 15Heritage Christian53Northwestern46 
Dec. 17Indianapolis Cathedral57Heritage Christian50 
Dec. 21Indianapolis Cathedral63Brebeuf Jesuit22 
Dec. 22Indianapolis Cathedral80Hammond Morton46 
Dec. 27Indianapolis Cathedral80Western21 
Dec. 28Indianapolis Cathedral44Mount Vernon (Fortville)27 
Dec. 28Indianapolis Cathedral51Valparaiso46 
Jan. 5Indianapolis Cathedral53Lawrence Central34 
Jan. 10Indianapolis Cathedral50Indianapolis Attucks48 
Jan. 12Indianapolis Cathedral64Indianapolis Chatard48 
Jan. 13Heritage Christian69Indianapolis Cathedral37 
Jan. 17Heritage Christian70Brebeuf Jesuit31 
Jan. 21Homestead86Heritage Christian62 
Jan. 27Homestead81Fort Wayne Northrop43 
2017-2018 SEASON
Nov. 4Carmel66Homestead55 
Nov. 9Carmel88Heritage Christian77 
Nov. 14Carmel66Zionsville48 
Nov. 18Carmel74Merrillville24 
Nov. 18Carmel74Crown Point21 
Nov. 21Carmel78Noblesville41 
Nov. 24Carmel58Hamilton Southeastern44 
Nov. 28Carmel52Lawrence North51 
Dec. 1Carmel82Warren Central50 
Dec. 5Carmel58Westfield40 
Dec. 8Carmel61Brownsburg46 
Dec. 15North Central (Indianapolis)66Carmel58 
Dec. 16North Central (Indianapolis)62Mount Vernon (Fortville)34 
Dec. 21North Central (Indianapolis)62Fishers50 
Dec. 28North Central (Indianapolis)59New Albany39 
Dec. 29North Central (Indianapolis)43Hamilton Southeastern38 
Jan. 2North Central (Indianapolis)69Fort Wayne Snider47 
Jan. 4Ben Davis77North Central (Indianapolis)71 
Jan. 13Pike74Ben Davis53 
Jan. 16Pike70Brownsburg60 
Jan. 19Pike58Carmel53 
Jan. 23Pike54Hamilton Southeastern47